New Discoveries Camp

New Discoveries Camp


Montclair Community Pre-K
49 Orange Road, Montclair

At New Discoveries Camp our staff believes it is important to meet every child’s physical, creative, and emotional needs. Children are given the opportunity to play with and meet new friends. They learn new games and skills during specialty activities, which include sports, STEM, nature, science, Healthy U nutrition, cooperative games, creative arts, drama, and instructional swim. Lastly, they grow both emotionally and physically throughout the summer, allowing them to develop confidence and build self-esteem while creating new memories.


A 10% sibling discount will be applied to the child with the lowest camp tuition. If you are eligible for this discount please contact Shirley Farquharson at [email protected] after you have completed the registration process.

FRIEND REQUESTS: At the YMCA, we dedicate ourselves to youth development. Our camps help build confident, resilient, and happy campers by helping them foster new bonds throughout the summer months. In order to foster new authentic friendships and, for the safety of all children, ensure our camper-to-staff supervision ratios, we will not accept friend requests for the 2023 camp season.
Thank you for your understanding.